Peer Review Process

 The peer review process in the SVU-IJVS


  1. The author submits the manuscript to the SVU-IJVS.
  2. Editor assesses the manuscript and rejects it if it doesn’t meet the journal criteria.
  3. If the manuscript meets the journal criteria, the editor sends it to two peer reviewers within the field of research
  4. The SVU-IJVS use a double-blind review process (the author and reviewers do not know the names of each other’s).
  5. The peer-reviewers usually review the manuscript and send comments and recommendations (manuscript acceptance, rejection or revision.
  6. The editor assesses the reviewer’s comments and recommendation and finally decide if accept, reject or send the manuscript back to the author for revision.
  7. The reviewing process usually takes 2-4 weeks from the time of manuscript submission to the editor final decision.