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SVU- International Journal of Veterinary Sciences (SVU-IJVS) is a double-blind peer-reviewed international open access journal of the South Valley University (SVU) publishing scientific articles of Veterinary Sciences.

The journal is using CC BY-NC-SA license from Creative Commons.

Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 2 - Serial Number 20, June 2024 

Ameliorative Effects of Adansonia digitata on Diabetes in Albino Rats: Enhanced Biochemical Responses

Pages 25-35

Dhuha W. Salih; Husamuldeen S. Alnajar; Dakheel H. Hadree; Buthina A. Abdullah; Muthanna Sultan

The promoting role of zinc oxide nano particles (Zo-NPs) enhancing the immunogenic activity of Escherichia coli lipopolysaccharides (ELPS) in vivo

Pages 36-42

Muthanna Sultan; Hanen Omar Bahjat; Sanaa Saoud Ahmed; Bashar Sadeq Noomi; Nihad Jafar Abdulhussain; Hassan H. K. Al-Bayati

The pathological changes associated with the genus of Streptococcus in immune modified model of rats

Pages 43-54

Muthanna Sultan; Agharid A. Alrasheed; Mariam Ahmad Zaydan; Hassan HK Al-Bayati; Qusai Saleh Jumaa; Bashar Sadeq Noomi; Nihad Jafar Abdulhussain

Bilateral Carpal Hygroma in a 2-Month-Old Dorper Lamb Ram

Pages 55-60

Collins Chimezie Udechukwu; Samaila Danbirni; Kelvin Olutimilehin Jolayemi; Esther Godiya Haruna; Madaki Dauda Polycarp; Tauna Kalat Haruna; Ziyet Fatima Katung; Gift Kogis