Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 - Serial Number 15, March 2023, Pages 1-201 
Effects of Ketosis and Hypocalcemia on The Biochemical Parameters and Subsequent Postpartum Reproductive Performance in Buffaloes

Pages 1-17

Mohammed H. Ramadan; Nasra Ahmed M. Yousef; Alaa-Eldin Zain El-abdeen Mahmoud; Alaa E. B. Zeidan; Elsayed Mohammed Elsayed Mickdam; Ahmed Ezzat Ahmed; Ahmed Saad A. Hassaneen

Investigation of the Ameliorating Effect of Copper Albumin Complex on Lysyl oxidase in monosodium iodoacetate -Induced Knee Osteoarthritis in Rats

Pages 18-30

Olaa M. Galal; Nashwa A. M. Mostafa; Asmaa A. Metwally; Reham I. El-Mahdy El-Mahdy; Ahmed Y. Nassar; Mohamed S. Abdallah; Mohammed Abdelsabour-khalaf; ahmed abdeen; Samer S. Fouad; Magdy M. Slama; Obeid Shanab

Mitigation of Diclofenac Sodium–Induced Hepatic Injury and Enteropathy in Rats by Vanillin

Pages 31-45

Asmaa Wahaballah basher; Noha Abdelmageed; Abdel-Latif S. Seddek; Samy Abdel-Raouf Fahim Morad

Effect of Transition Period in Buffalo Cows on Some Biochemical Parameters

Pages 46-62

Lamiaa Tharwat; Abd-El Raheem Abd-El Mottelib Abd-El Raheem; Adel El-Sayed Ahmed Mohamed

Protective and ameliorative effects of Curcumin and/or Quercetin against gentamicin induced testicular damage in rats

Pages 63-73

Maha Samy; Reda S. I. Ahmed; Obeid Shanab; Zainab M. Maher; Wael F. Sedik; Laila Mostafa; Ashraf A. El-ghoneimy

Proximate and trans fatty acid composition of fast foods in Sohag, Egypt and the impact of rosemary essential oil on trans fat content

Pages 85-99

Safaa Ahmed Mahmoud Elsayed; Hussein Yousef Ahmed; Bassem G. A. Fahmy; Mohamed A. A. Abd-ElRasoul; Mohamed Abdelfattah Maky

The effect of some essential oils against biofilm producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa of meat sources

Pages 100-115

Mohammed Hussain Mohammed; Refaat Mahmoud Farghaly; Nahed Mahmoud Abdel-Aziz

Histomorphmetric studies on the protective role of Maca (Lepidium meyenii) on New Zealand White Rabbits prostate gland under oxidative stress

Pages 127-136

Asmaa Nabil; Fatma El-Zahraa A. Mustafa; Enas A. Abdelhefez; Mostafa Galal Abdelfattah; M. A. M. Sayed; Manal T Hussein

Safety Hepatic and Renal Concerns About Dietary Inclusion of Ginger (Zingiber officinale) roots in Male Japanese Quails (Coturnix japonica)

Pages 137-151

Nada Abdellah; Mostafa Galal Abdelfattah; Abdelraheim H. Attaai; Fatma Abo Zakaib Ali; Nasser S. Abou Khalil; Sohair M. M. Ragab

Hepato-renal and Hematological Effect of Diclofenac in Sheep

Pages 166-174

Mohammad T. Yahea; Ola M. Tayser; Yasser M. Albadrany